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We believe that seeing the world and connecting with people from different cultures allows us to open our minds and hearts to different viewpoints. Thus bringing us many benefits: wisdom, creativity, and tolerance to name a few.

For the global citizens, the travelers, the expats, and for those dreaming to be any of the above. We offer inspiration, tips, and other relevant news and information about traveling, studying, living, and working around this great big world of ours.

So thanks for stopping by. If we play even the tiniest role in inspiring your next adventure then we have achieved our mission.

About the Author

About the Author

Hi there! My name is Laura. I am an American expat living in Switzerland. Bitten by the travel bug early, it was a dream to live and work abroad. However, I still find myself in disbelief some days that this is actually my life.

I am married to an amazing Italian man that I met on a work trip in Puerto Rico. Together, we are raising a 3-year-old multi-lingual little man who has thus far proven to be an incredible little travel buddy.

Forever changed by my international experiences in high school and university, I was fortunate to build my career at a company that fed my wanderlust and allowed me to inspire others to begin their journey.

I wish to continue to share my passion and inspire others to get out there and experience this wonderful world. This is why Fly Away to Another Place was born.

That's the short story of how I got here. If you are interested to know more, read here.