6 Ways to Make your Next Trip Memorable

You have taken the time and spent the money to get away, are you creating memories that will last a lifetime?

A new lighthearted, international study conducted by HomeAway and the University of Texas have discovered a few factors that may just make your trip more memorable. So here are 6 tips and tricks to making your next getaway the most memorable one yet. 

1. Head to the mountains

There is just something about the fresh mountain air and looking out across God’s work of mountain peaks, valleys, and lakes that causes us to take pause in the moment and breathe it all in. In that peace, I find time for reflection and be it that you literally sometimes have your head in the clouds at the top of the peak, I find inspiration to dream of the future as well. These are some of the reasons that I am not shocked to hear that the study revealed that mountain destinations are the most memorable.

2. Snap and share your selfies and photos

While you may have some bitter friends complaining of oversharing on social media during your trip, I say share away. Not only are you giving a glimpse into a part of the world they may never see firsthand, you are making the trip more memorable for yourself. Sharing updates of your experiences is like making a diary entry, and the photos and videos just bring those entries to life even more.

Mom-alert!! (I like to think of myself still young at heart, but becoming a mother has made me more of a worrier, and not only for my own friends and family, but for everyone). While the study encourages selfies, please just exercise caution. A growing cause of death is the distracted selfie taker. A study conducted by Priceonomics released in January 2016 found that since 2014, 49 people have died while attempting a selfie. A look at their data reveals:

  • The riskiest age: 21 (make up 1/3 of the deaths)
  • The riskiest gender: male (make up ¾ of the deaths)
    • Side-note, men who take a lot of selfies score significantly higher on narcissism and psychopathy personality traits. To the potential suitors, may it be a warning to you. (Ohio State University Study)
  • The most likely causes: Over 60% of all fatalities are caused from a fall from heights and drowning.
    • Keep that in mind on your memorable mountain trip!

3. Instagraming wins out over facebooking

No insights as to why, but uploading your photos and videos to Instagram increased emotional recall by 24%. Just upload to Instagram and hit, share-to facebook and you are covering all your bases.

4. Limit your phone usage to less than 2 hours per day

Whether you are on your phone for social or work reasons, you have to step away from your phone to engage in the here and now if you plan to make memories. Try to limit your social usage to 2 hours or less per day. If you must work on your trip, try to keep it under an hour per day if you care to make lasting memories. You will also do yourself a favor by conducting your work on your phone or tablet as introducing a laptop significantly impacts your memory.

5. Get excited before your trip

This is huge. Those that get excited before their trip are 73% more likely to have excellent recall of their trip over people who feel other emotions. I am the number one culprit of feeling stressed out before a trip. I stress about everything that must be done prior to leaving that I don’t allow myself to get excited until I am sitting on the plane or in the packed car. I strive to be more like my friend who gets excited by listening to podcasts, listening to music, watching movies, etc about her next destination. Putting in the effort before can really help solidify the memories from your trip.

6. What you spend has no correlation to your ability to make lasting memories

This is maybe my favorite finding. No matter if you are a budget, middle-of-the-road or luxury traveler you can make memories that last a lifetime. So please do not let budget be a constraint to hold you back from creating happy memories on the road.



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